Gipsy autumn haul.

Hi everybody! 
Here I am with a little autumn haul because I can't wait to show you my last shopping 
finds and current fashion obsessions! :P

Ciao a tutti! 
Eccomi qua con un piccolo post autunnale per mostrarvi le mie ultime compere 
e ciò per cui ho perso la testa nei miei ultimi giri di shopping!


The coolest DIY project ever.

Hi gals! Alright, here I am to teach you the coolest diy project ever.
First some explanation :D I'm not joking!

As you certainly know, this is the fancy hair moment.
All the people that have ever dreamt of a super strange hair colour (but that haven't had courage to do the big step) can realize their dream. Red hair, orange, blue, or even leo printed hair! You'll never be too strange!
....and it! The ombre hair (or dip died hair)! It's the real king of all the hair colour techniques!
It consists of dying only the ends of the hair with a different colour than your normal haircolour: you can use only one colour, or even add more shades to get a more 'ombre' effect!

-Sounds amazing! I'll try it!- I thought!