Jasper and diamonds. 2013 countdown.

ENG:Hi gals! I couldn't wait to show you my new year's Eve party look! I'm going to spend the last 2012 hours having a great time with my friends, dancing, laughing and eating a lot of panettone. And you? What are your 31st December plans?


Gosh:New Year's round the corner!

ENG:My typical situation before Christmas and New Year's Eve:

Panic...panic-panic-panic! (I shout messing-up my wardrobe)
Gosh! What is it? (my mother peeps out a bit worried)
It's terrible! I've nothing to wear at New Year's Eve!
But your wardrobe is full of clothes! Search, search for something ...you'll find it! (the answer she gives me every year)
Mum! What did you understand? I need something new! Or you want your daughter go to the party dressed in a Pikachu costume?
Come on! Don't be tragic! If you want I can lend you that beautiful skirt I wore at 1989 New Year's Eve ... (when she reaches this point she never stops)
Ok ok. I understood. I'll scrounge up.

Forced by circumstances (bugger crisis, high prices, my half-empty wardrobe off) to plan my outfit, here are my ideas on it.
Now it's time to convince the boss -.o


Xmas fever - help ready at hand


Eccomi in vostro aiuto! Problemi per trovare il giusto outfit per le feste natalizie? Niente paura...vi ho precedute! Ecco qua sotto alcuni idee da cui prendere spunto per trovare il giusto abbinamento dei vestiti delle feste! Dal più chic ed elegante, a quello più casual e comodo per un perfetto Natale in casa, ad un outfit elegantissimo adatto per una cenetta romantica.